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Goddess of dusk

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The Goddess of Dusk

The sun gracefully descends towards the edge of oblivion,
Shadows fall unhurriedly as the heavens turn stunningly crimson,
The sound of harps whisper in the distance, audible above the resonance of civilization,
Enchanted fairies flit from flower to flower, sparkling in their splendor,
Trees rustle in perfumed waves of nectar, the faint aroma of orchids permeating the air,
As dusk reaches her prime, the world comes alive with her glory,
Within seconds darkness sets in, the purplish haze suffocating,
Once again the sounds of civilization invade as night falls,
The enchantment, splendor, and shades of dusk subside,
But for certain the Goddess of Dusk will appear once again.

I am by no means a poet, so please have mercy at one of my favorite hobbies! If you even found this page, I am amazed. Of course I started WordPress back you know where lol.

Thanks for sharing my beautiful day with me!