Mighty Aphrodite

Goodbye my sweetest friend

Lily Lil passed away on June 21st. My heart is broken. This sounds so cliche but my chest actually hurts some times. In psychology they often say that your environment is a reflection of your mental wellbeing or in my case severe depression, grief and shock( in other words a state of distinct absence of […]

Lily Lil

My companion through thick and thin. Going 17 years

Goddess of dusk

The Goddess of Dusk The sun gracefully descends towards the edge of oblivion,Shadows fall unhurriedly as the heavens turn stunningly crimson,The sound of harps whisper in the distance, audible above the resonance of civilization,Enchanted fairies flit from flower to flower, sparkling in their splendor,Trees rustle in perfumed waves of nectar, the faint aroma of orchids […]

Second Life in Research

I first started using second life 14 years ago when I found out my fiancé had cheated on me (I made him move out), I had no car (long story which we will get into later), and due to a friendly football game I caught my foot in a gopher hole making me pretty much […]

Conspiracy Theories

I got an email today from Psych Central detailing the main traits of people who believe in conspiracy theories, namely: “… personality traits such as openness to experience, distrust, low agreeability, and Machiavellianism are associated with conspiracy belief.”* “In terms of cognitive processes, people with stronger conspiracy beliefs are more likely to overestimate the likelihood […]

Recipe for a soothing bath!

Natural organic steelcut oatmeal, organic shredded coconut, lavender and powdered natural buttermilk. These soothing ingredients make a perfect bath soak and aromatherapy experience. Your body will thank you for this amazing experience. Everyone deserves a mental health break! Here at insanebutterfly we love to nurture our femininity and soothe our troubles away.


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