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Meat eater

Thank you deer! I used to hate hunters until I was educated quite sternly on the topic. This beautiful animal had a good life, its meat is free of hormones and antibiotics. The circle of life is so much more meaningful when you are forced to look into the eyes of the animal providing food for your family instead of jumping into the Subaru to shop at Whole foods or whatever granola store that sells organic quality beef. I used to be a pretty typical Californian until years ago when I moved to Montana. I was shocked that Californians were pretty much abhorred here. Life is a crazy train sometimes so you adapt and mature and always keep learning to stay on board. Sorry if this picture offends you, but the reason I posted it was to perhaps provoke a conversation on self efficiency and how important some unsavory things are to actual survival. I promise that when I have land someday I will also plant a sweet garden!

By Reindear

I am a Research Consultant who has worked with TIRR Memorial Hermann, Baylor College of Medicine, Portland State University, University of Montana's Rural Institute and Case Western Reserve. Our aim is to better the lives of people living with disabilities while utilizing the latest and greatest technology to achieve this.

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